Sports Massage

Sports massage is defined as the use of massage, hydrotherapy and strength training to achieve specific goals. The practice has been used both pre and post event as well as everyday.

The pre-event massage is intended to wake up your muscles. A vigorous jostling of all of the muscles and some Active Release Techniques will allow you to perform at peak levels from the start. A post event sports massage is intended to help your muscles rid themselves of the waste products made during the event. It stimulates the vascular and lymphatic systems to continue removal of wastes. I do this massage with Magnesium Oil because the effect of calm is as close to instant as I have found. Your muscles require much more magnesium than my foods provide and the supplements, while very effective, take months to bring up your bodily stores to the point where all muscles enjoy the benefits. The oil delivers a good dose of magnesium directly to all areas covered.

It is strongly recommended that you get some extra protein and drink plenty of water after a post event massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used when the deeper, underlying musculature is in need of manipulation. Working through the layers takes a bit of time because I don’t like risking injuring the superficial tissue. This is a high pressure and often targeted pressure that tends to leave you feeling a little sore just afterward but in the following days you’ll feel great. The gluteus medius and piriformis muscles often require a deep pressure and it is these muscles that cause most lower back pain in people. Rhomboids and traps and erectors are also targets of deep tissue techniques.

Pain does not equal gain during a massage session. If you get past the point of “hurts so good” then you are being damaged and should say something to your therapist.

Active Resistance Stretching

Active release stretching is a series of techniques that utilizes resistance while bringing the muscles to length with the help of the therapist. Using this technique works best on muscles that are normally difficult to stretch such as the hamstrings but is equally useful with muscles that rarely get stretched correctly, The Quads. Many people cannot touch their toes and every body is capable of the motion. I can easily do an assessment of your movements and show you where and why a stretch could help you feel better and move with an easier Range of Motion.

Your hips and shoulders will feel amazingly flexible.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are areas in your body that cause referral pains in other parts of your body. By working a trigger point, I can discover any “referral” pain you have and alleviate them with a trigger point massage. The pains you feel in your neck could be caused by your lower back or even the muscles of your chest.