Medford, MA Sports Therapeutic Massage

Are you looking for some relief before and after athletics? A sports massage may just be your answer. A pre-event sports massage at the Athlete’s Therapeutic Massage is intended to wake up your muscles with active release techniques. This will allow you to perform at peak levels. Post-event sports massages are intended to help your muscles rid waste products stored during the sporting event. Learn More

Medford, MA Deep Tissue Massage

Have you been considering acupuncture? Try a therapeutic massage first, and see if that relieves your pain. Have you been struggling to find relief near Medford, MA? I can help. Using magnesium oil during my sports massages provides your muscles with the sufficient supplements that food can’t always provide. The oil delivers a good dose of magnesium directly to all areas covered. Learn More

Medford, MA Active Resistance Stretching

Do you lift weights and work out often? Have you tried active resistance stretching techniques? If not, and you’re considering a sports massage, contact us today at 781.665.3000. Learn more about how this technique could benefit you and ask all the questions you need. Learn More

Medford, MA Trigger Point Therapy

The Trigger Point Therapy technique is for athletes looking to target a specific pain. It’s a popular therapeutic massage for athletes, weightlifters, and people who workout intensely. If you’ve struggled with finding relief in a certain spot, my trigger point therapeutic massage will do just the trick to get you working out comfortably again. Learn More

Medford, MA Massage for PTSD

A relaxing massage with the intent of easing PTSD can offer a great relief to those who suffer. I want to give back to those who have served my country, but who still want to be active and find physical relief. You can trust that you’re in good hands when you schedule a therapeutic massage for PTSD with us. Learn More